Doug Roseaman Engineering

List Of Plans Currently Available

MFD-1 Noah's Ark Speedway

MFD-2 Coronation Ark Speedway

MFD-T26 Set of three packing trailers for MFD-1 or MFD-2 Rides

MFD-3SD Super Disco Standing Top Waltzer

MFD-4 Airways or Mont Blanc

MFD-5 Gallopers

MFD-6 Gavioli Style Organ

MFD-T22G Set of Three Galloper Packing Trailers

MFD-7 Silver Jubilee Skid or Swirl

MFD-8 Chair-O-Planes and Bruder Style Organ

MFD-9 Marenghi Organ

MFD-10 Cakewalk and Bruder Style Organ

MFD-11 Bruder Style Organ

MFD-12 Super Disco Speedway

MFD-T30 Showman's Living Van

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