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Introduction To Fairground Modelling

The Model Fair range of designs was created by Vic King in the 1970's. Since then the designs have been continuously updated to take account of changes in components and material supply and of experience of building the models. Thousands of models have been built from these plans and given endless pleasure to their builders and to people who have seen the completed models at shows. Many of these models have been prize winners at exhibitions and have appeared on TV.

The designs come as a set of drawings and instructions from which to build the model. The drawings are correct to scale and proportion so that the completed model is a miniature reproduction of the full size item. Apart from showing the components in detail the drawings and accompanying parts list identify sources of supply for the parts. Please note that none of the MFD range of designs is available as kits. The instructions describe in detail how to construct the model. All of the rides are designed to be built up and dismantled just like the real thing. If you intend to keep your model built up then construction is simplified and you can save a lot of time in making it.

The models are made from wood, plywood and metal. Simple hand wood and metal working tools are required. The most expensive item is likely to be an electric drill and vertical drill stand. If any special machined parts are needed for the working models then they are available from me.

If you have no previous experience of working in wood or metal then it is best to start with a simpler design like one of the MFD organs. Equally you could start with the striker which is also available in kit form from the Doug Roseaman Engineering range. The smallest organ will take about 25 hours to build; most of the rides will take at least 200 hours. However the time you take depends on just how much detail you want to add and the time spent on decoration. Most fairground modellers view a ride as something that is going to take a year or two to build - though they can be completed very much more quickly if you have the spare time available. Material costs vary from model to model and spread over the building time equate to probably no more than the cost of a couple of pints of beer a week.

Another consideration when choosing which model to build and the scale to build is the size of the completed model. Sizes for all of the models are shown on the lists. Most house doors are 30" wide. If you build in the 1/24th scale and keep your model set up then most rides will go through the door and can be taken to shows. In the larger scales you will need to build the rides so they can be dismantled so they can be taken to shows.

The designs for organs and rides include details of lighting. The lamps can stay on all of the time to provide illumination or they can be switched on and off by programmed controllers with the same sequence as seen on today's fairground. Details of lighting products will be found on my lists.

These drawings and instructions are the sole copyright of Doug Roseaman Engineering 2004 and sold solely for the construction of a model by the purchaser for their own pleasure. It is a condition of sale that the purchaser does not make copies of the drawing and/or instructions as this would breach my copyright. If you wish to use the drawings and /or instructions for any commercial purpose please write giving details before ordering so I can arrange a licence.

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